TDW Granular Sugar Coated Special Filled Sultan Sarma Turkish Delight

    The colorful Turkish delight, which will especially be loved by children, offers a wonderful natural confectionery. The question of whether colored Turkish delight is halal is frequently asked because of its colors, and as , we produce all of our delights from 100% sugar beet, gluten-free, additive-free, preservative-free and naturally, without compromising our healthy consumption principles, and we pack all of our delights specially for you and your loved ones, just before they are shipped, with our experienced Turkish delight masters. Colored Turkish delight varieties are also very suitable for natural confectionery products in terms of prices.

    Ingredients: Sugar, Starch, Lemon Salt, Soup Water, Granulated Sugar, Turkish Delight Cream with Hazelnut, Almond

    Allergen: Almond, Hazelnut

    You can also order Turkish delight as a gift thanks to its stylishly designed box. Images belong to our own products. Pieces may vary depending on the thickness of a slice.